Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Sho (匠) Japanese RestaurantDSC_3975

What perfect timing!  I was assigned to do a restaurant review more like introduction as a free-lance writer for local Japanese newspaper called Yuuyake Newspaper (夕焼け新聞) last week. As more time has passed, it’s getting more difficult to prepare food while the kitchen remodeling is underway. It seems our family didn’t have decent meals in what… a week? Funny, it feels much longer but whatever. Anyhow, I could sit down and have nice, hopefully free, meals. I was psyched! DSC_4032 Habanero roll

On day 3, I give up on the idea of eating healthy food during construction. We welcomed frozen pizza because no-washing-required food is our first priority. Sure, crock pot and pressure cooker are great but large pots need to be washed in big tub sink in the up-stairs laundry room. And where are the all the fats and food debris supposed to go?  I was soaked just get two things from the refrigerator the other day. Currently it is housed inside the garage. I had to go out the front door to the garage and visa-versa.  It must be Murphy’s law. The harder it rains the more things I forget to get from refrigerator. Maybe I am just getting old. Memo to myself-make list of what I need before going out the door.DSC_3981 

Because I can’t cook… let me rephrase that. I meant to say I can’t cook in these circumstances. I’m a good cook. Once in a blue moon, I’m a fabulous cook but because I can’t cook… oh my word! Let’s move on, I try not to look at other food blogger’s blog for fear that I start drooling on my keyboard. I can’t help peeking sometimes however. Many food bloggers take such glorious food photographs. Oh, oh I think I’m falling in love… I must make it as soon as my kitchen is back…Wow! Incredible! Fantastic!…. Two hours later, my recipe file (actually just a pile, I don’t know where my recipe file is. One of boxes I assume) plus the printer is out of paper.DSC_4031Canyon

I checked the Sho Restaurant web site the night before. I must do homework, right? Substantial number of colorful pictures grace the pages. It’s promising. I drove in the rain for only 15 minutes, it’s closer than I thought without getting lost. Thanks to my GPS. I should have invested in the company. Anyway, Sho restaurant offers a variety of Japanese foods for all ages, roomy interior and kid friendly menu. I had the deluxe bento dinner which is filled with fish dishes. I usually don’t care for cooked fish but interestingly enough I really liked the fish head cooked in sweet soy, ginger sauce. Original sushi rolls are colorful and have memorable names. Bird of Paradise, Route 66, Canyon, Hawaiian Sunshine and Hanabi (fire cracker). Names are so enticing.DSC_3982Yellow tail cooked in soy ginger sauce はまちかまの煮付けDSC_3991Mackerel cooked in miso さばの味噌煮

I tried the pork cutlet curry rice too. As I mentioned in my blog before, I love fried foods. I gave two thumbs up for both the curry flavor and the pork cutlet. Sho offers a number of desserts on the menu too. imported from Hawaii, Mochi ice-cream. Ever popular in Japan, green tea roll cake. What I want is strawberry shortcake possibly available in the near futureDSC_4017Pork cutlet curry riceDSC_4040Green tea mousse roll cake

My left over was doggie-bagged. Good! I don’t have to cook tonight. Do you feel lucky? Do ya? You are allowed to say that like Clint Eastwood.

I hope you had a fun St. Patrick's Day! I only made the table settings, the green drink and bought a shamrock.


Today was a messy day with sheetrock work – new sheetrock, sanding and put on texture.DSC_4083DSC_4084Here is the new window over the sink.DSC_4092


  1. I loove your food photos. I feel as if I'm right there. I swear I can smell the green tea cake. I tried to talk like Clint Eastwood, but I couldn't do it. Can't wait to see your kitchen when it's done . . . I guess you can't wait either!

    1. Thanks Jalna, It's fun to see the transformation happening in the kitchen. I already start thinking what I'm going to make first upon the completion.

  2. I wonder if Einstein considered "kitchen-remodel-time" in his theory of relativity because it seems like it has been forever since we had a working kitchen. Thanks for bringing home food from your other job, honey. And for indulging my Irish side...

  3. ここ美味しそう!色使いといい、センスといい、とても素敵なお食事ですね。そして明美さんの写真の上手だこと!!!!!そちらの方がうわーすごいって感じでした。レストランの写真って本当に難しいのに、どれも完璧に撮れてますね。St. Patty's Dayのテーブルセット、可愛すぎる。きちんとお祝いしてますね。うちは・・・・普通の日でした(笑)。

    1. ありがとう、なみちゃん。 楽しい旅行になりますように。