Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Being Foodies


Tapas foods and more


I returned a few days ago from Hawaii…I didn’t prepare anything for Tuesday’s  post though I would like to share some of my trip photos…mostly food photos. I managed to make something every day for today’s TAPAS instagram post (#todaystapas)…it was a bit challenging preparing in an unfamiliar kitchen…where is the baking powder? I took all the contents out of all the cabinets…nope she must not have it…darn it!

The days at Hawaii were really hot and humid. The grape juice offered comfort. IMG_4936Or this watermelon popsicle.IMG_4974

Some day I have no choice but use the meat that was already thawed…fried hamburger (Japanese called it minchi katsu), semi homemade ketchup.IMG_4930

I love lilikoi AKA passion fruit, growing in the front yard – made sauce for waffle, and simply juice with little bit of honey.

My daughter has Momofuku cookbook too. I made two of my favorite dishes from the book. Pork buns ( I made buns without baking powder) and Chicken and Egg, Very ono!


My grandson had a Beatles-like haircut when they came to pick me up at the airport.This picture was taken at Koko Head Café. I heard the rumor that the head chef had competed on Iron Chef.IMG_4874

The next day, his dad gave him a buzz cut…

After the hair cut…Cute ya?IMG_4901

What a cheesy name… Banzai Sushi Bar in Haleiwa…this avocado tempura was really good!IMG_4950

I pumped gas all by myself the other day, in Oregon we’re not allowed to pump it so I was very proud…What? Wrong gas? Two very kind strangers helped to drain the diesel fuel out of the car. I found out later that they are homeless. They kept assuring me that everything is ok, don’t worry.  I was so appreciative of that. IMG_5024

Sensible, artistic granddaughter is getting taller…time flies with top speed.IMG_5029

My son and his wife welcomed their first child, our newest grandson on August 5th…looking forward to meeting him in person in September.

He is beautiful!


  1. Beautiful grandchildren!

    Maybe the next time you are in Hawaii, some of us Hawaii bloggers that follow your posts can get together - that would be fun!

    Too bad I didn't connect with you - would have dropped off some yummy mangoes with lilikoi or haupia ice cream. Ah well, next year?

  2. Wow if you cook like that, you can stay at my Mililani house any time. wowza. Yes, ITA w/ Honolulu Aunty - you, Jalna, Aunty and Kat should all have a meeting, I'd love to read all about it on their respective blogs!

  3. Congratulations on your newest grandchild!! He IS beautiful! And you get to go back to Japan again. So lucky! I just googled "why can't you pump your own gas in Oregon" and the answer makes me nervous. New Jersey and Oregon don't trust people to not blow themselves up while pumping gas, and the states would rather leave the job to professionals. OMG!! I could blow myself up?

  4. Gorgeous grandchildren! Your photos are lovely, and the grape juice looks delicious and refreshing. I didn't realize that it is humid in Hawaii. :)

  5. You must be the happiest grandma in the world...your grandbabies are all very beautiful:)

  6. Cute sweet grandchildren! Great that you had some fun with your family in Hawaii.

  7. Oh my! You have such gorgeous grandchildren!!!

  8. こんばんは。お孫さん皆さんとても可愛いですね。Akemi様に似たのですね。ハワイ島の海は綺麗ですね。じゅーすもとても美味しそうです。

  9. こんばんは。お孫さん皆さんとても可愛いですね。Akemi様に似たのですね。ハワイ島の海は綺麗ですね。じゅーすもとても美味しそうです。

  10. aww so precious your grandkids are adorable so happy you had a good holiday

  11. Such beautiful pictures from Hawaii! The food dishes make me hungry :-) It's been a while since I had menchi katsu. Your grandchildren are adorable. And congratulations on a new-born grandson! You must be very excited too meet him in person!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  12. どのお孫さんも可愛いですね。 青い眼が魅力的な僕ちゃん、ショートカットの方が断然クール!ミンチカツはfried hunberger ですか・・、なるほど。孫もふくめ家族全員の好物なので、頑張ってたくさんあげておいて、残れば冷凍、後日スライスしてサンドイッチの具にしたりしています。40年ほどまえに行ったハワイは暑くても空気は乾燥していて清々しい記憶がありますが、今は高温多湿とは日本みたいですね。ハワイのご家族は喜ばれたことでしょう。お疲れ様でした。

  13. Haha! I also take food photos (almost only those) when on holidays! Hawaii looks like a paradise to me. The avocado tempura looks just too good ;-) I must quickly forget it before my kcal intake explodes! Your buns and oyakodon look like in Momofuku or even better! Congratulations! (I also have the book and love it, but apart from the pâté for Vietnamese sandwiches, I haven't made much yet... the buns and oyakodon are on my to-do list though!).
    You cannot imagine how many people I know (especially women) would happily live where they aren't forced to put the gas themselves... I know someone who goes 10 km further just to have the last petrol station where she can be served...
    Thank you for sharing your holiday memories with us!