Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Green Solution

Shiso (Perilla) Dishes

_DSC0606What would you do with an abundance of shiso leaves? Too many certainly create a little headache here. I try to use often though, our activity filled Summer has left them hanging in the intense sun. Shiso (紫蘇)refers to red perilla and this green type is called Ao Jiso (blue shiso) or OVER, not really but Ooba(大葉) meaning big leaves. That is an over-the-top fragrant herb!_DSC0651

Going through the cook book section of Kinokuniya (Japanese Book Store) the other day, I found a recipe that was an answer! Rolled Wasabi Shiso Beef Appetizer looked so cool! I read it three times to memorize so that I don’t have to buy the book just for one recipe…was I wrong?

I simply added lots of shiso leaves to the gyoza recipe I already posted in the past. Well not entirely true…I used minced daikon (white radish) in place of cabbage which delivered a nice texture and shiso generated a refreshing herby flavor. I still have plenty growing in the back so I need to do more research for sure. If you see me browsing (stand there and read,/立読み) in the book store then that’s what I’m doing –looking for the solution._DSC0676

Rolled Shiso Beef Appetizer

  • Thinly sliced sukiyaki beef –1 family size package,about 1lb.
  • Wasabi paste (in tube)
  • Green shiso leaves about 20 Wash and pat dry with paper towel
  • Olive oil 1-2 teaspoons
  1. On a flat surface, lay plastic wrap about 11x15. Place the sukiyaki beef horizontally about 10 inches long (have to fit into a 12 inch non-stick skillet), next row overlapping slightly to create approximately 10x 8 rectangle.
  2. Dab the wasabi in several places on the beef (don’t let the tube touch the meat). Spread with butter knife or the back of a spoon. Use less or more depending on your taste._DSC0586
  3. Place shiso leaves on top. Use the edge of the plastic wrap as a guide to start rolling as tightly as possible. When you finish rolling then twist both ends of the plastic to seal. Rest for 10 minutes  to half an hour in the refrigerator._DSC0590_DSC0592_DSC0595
  4. Heat oil in skillet at medium heat. Remove plastic wrap and place the rolled beef in. Turn periodically to brown evenly all over._DSC0598
  5. Put lid on then steam for 1-2 minutes to cook through but do not over cook.
  6. When it’s done cool for a few minutes before slicing. Insert tooth pick and serve with ponzu dipping sauce (optional).

Shiso gyoza - original recipe here. Add 10 or more chopped shiso leaves. _DSC0653_DSC0664

Here is one way of keeping Shiso leaves fresh in the refrigerator. Put shiso in a jar head first then pour about 1/2 inch of water in the bottle. Change the water once a week. They keep for about 3 weeks or longer this way. I am not sure why you do it upside down…whatever; it works._DSC0703 


Edible Gifts are always welcomed in our household.

A friend brought plums from her back yard. Juicy little red things are an appetite controlling healthy snack…that was so good I will have one more._DSC0620And another friend dropped off a summer squash and zucchini for me. The sizes are just right!_DSC0609

Experimenting recipes…Here we go. This is Giada De Laurentiis’ Thyme infused blueberry drink without gin. I happened to catch her Giada at Home show on my afternoon break. I don’t think she is real, the amount of food she cooks and eats, yet she is so thin. Not fair!


I sensed the strawberry season is fleeting so I made a few strawberry desserts before they are gone. This recipe I challenged was Amy’s Strawberry Tiramisu. I couldn’t cut it cleanly but tasted wonderful!_DSC0530Then Sissi’s Strawberry Yogurt mousse. I tried to mimic her photo technique but was not very successful. Fabulous bloggers I admire._DSC0687

My husband and I were wedding-reception hopping last Saturday. Each reception was held in the bride’s gorgeous property.
Reception #1

IMG_0551The little shed house is so charming, I want one!IMG_0554Reception #2 IMG_0565IMG_0562All dressed up, and no place to go.IMG_0560IMG_0557

I was truly delighted to receive bracelets made by Jalna in the mail yesterday. Her blog is so fun, funny and awesome! She is also a skilled photographer._DSC0694It was awkward to hold bracelet and shoot the photos. Where is the remote control, for heaven’s sake?!_DSC0699I can’t wait to go shopping to buy coordinating new outfits. I feel so lucky! I exclaimed. My husband goes ‘Don’t you go OOBABOARD’ with a sigh. Yes sir captain K.







  1. 肉にわさびはびっくりです!!


    1. コメントありがとう。とても忙しい先週で、今やっとコメントに応えてます。 お元気ですか?庭の草むしりも終わったかな? シソは5月の初めには店頭に出ますよ。種が落ちて、次の年からは勝手に生えてくるはずんなんだけど、鹿が結構好きみたいで、食べに来ます。

  2. Cute! I love Jalna!
    And that is a lot of Wasabi paste. I have to pinch my nose just thinking about it. Looks good though. I just made a chimichurri sauce with too much shiso.

    1. Me too! I love Jalna. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Nipponnin, I am speechless! It's such a wonderful surprise! Your mousse photo looks so professional and flawless! So elegant! I love it! I hope you have enjoyed this light dessert. Thank you so much for trusting me and trying my recipe.
    You know, I am crazy for shiso! Unfortunately it doesn't want to grow on my balcony (the only seeds which never sprout), so either the seeds are too old or I'm really bad with shiso... Luckily I can buy it in a Vietnamese shop here, so I play with it all the time. Following a Japanese friend's advice I also put it into gyoza (with ground chicken). Your beef rolls remind me of chicken skewers I prepare with shiso too, but my husband would definitely prefer your beef recipe. I must try it one day! (Including wasabi is a very clever idea! Must remember it too!).
    Thank you again for trying my recipe and for the link to my blog!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I enjoy looking through your blog and get inspired. That was refreshing dessert! Thank you!

  4. Congratulations on your new bewwtifull bracelets !!!

  5. Awwww . . . Akemi, the bracelets look good on you! Again, I just love the photos in your post. I feel as if I'm looking at an online magazine . . . so professional. I can't believe you memorized the recipe! I cannot memorize anything these days.

    1. Thank you again for the bracelet. I'm wearing it every day. Thank you for your comment. Please hurry back!

  6. Your Shiso dish is a work of art!! Clever! SO clever:) Now, you make me dream of planting Shiso plant...first, I must go hunt for some seeds... Have a lovely weekend Akemi:)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. You're so sweet!

  7. Those receptions look like a lot of fun! Lovely photos too - great that they were both blessed with gorgeous weather and clear blue skies!

    You know, I don't think I ever had shiso... trying to think back and I really can't remember it. It looks a bit like a stinging nettle, lol... I suppose it's not similar?!

    1. Ha ha ha. Very funny! I finally found nice looking beets at the market so I'm going to be very busy making beet dishes this week. Thank you for the recipes.

  8. I love Shiso leaves. :) These Rolled Shiso Beef Appetizer are so pretty and sounds really yummy. I'm sure they taste as great as their look. You truly have great friends who bring you beautiful fruit and veggies from their gardens. They are the best.

    Thank you so much for trying the Strawberry Tiramisu recipe. Your's came out perfect and beautiful. You did a great job on cutting! :) Glad you enjoyed this treat.

    I totally agree, I don't know how Giada stays so thin with all the food and drinks. But I kind of noticed one thing, she only have 1 bite of whatever she prepared on her show! hahaha....maybe that's the secret! ;)

    1. Thank you Amy. And thank you for the Strawberry tiramisu recipe and that's keeper. Looking forward to see your new treat.