Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Beets and Turnip Pickles

_DSC9336‘Is it safe?’ that is the question I always wonder about when it comes to making homemade pickles. My husband and I used to make sweet pickles from Japanese cucumbers we grew in the garden, the recipe found in the Oregonian FOODDAY decades back. The whole process took three days but we enjoyed the strong acidic sweetness, after all it was an award winning recipe. The following year when we were ready to make another batch I could not find the recipe because of my fine organizing skills. I went through an entire box of newspaper clippings (mostly recipes). It disappeared into a black hole of paper mess!

That was before Google. I simply called the FOODDAY canning hotline to unintelligently explain ( I hope it was not recorded) that recipe to the lady on the other end because I did not remember the name. After she had listened to me for a few minutes with great patience, she understood what I was talking about. She sent me a print out of the recipe, free of charge.

My husband wished to make pickles with a much simplified recipe. No hot bath or soak in lime. Just vegetable, salt and water. He researched on-line plus getting tips from Lost Arts Kitchen’s Chris Musser’s Sour Beets recipe in an article publlished in the April issue of ‘MIX’  a Portland based magazine.

After 7 days of the fermenting process it was ready to taste. Oh no darling, you go ahead. I insist…No tingling in your body anywhere? How about your eye sight? Hallelujah, you’re gonna live! We cured the beets! Preserved the turnip!


Make 1 quart of beets pickle_DSC8938

Equipment: wide mouth quart jar, disposal glove to prevent staining your hands

  • Fresh beets 2 pounds peeled
  • Sea salt 4 Tablespoons plus additional 3 Tablespoons_DSC9291
  • Ginger roots 1 Tablespoon finely minced (optional)
  1. Julienned the beets with mandolin or food processer._DSC9317
  2. Sprinkle with the 4 tablespoons of salt and ginger (if using); mix well.
  3. Pack the beets into jar. Press with end of wooden pin to pack tight and to express enough liquid to cover. In case the beets are not submerged in the liquid, add some brine made with 3 Tablespoons sea salt dissolved in 1 cup of water. Leave 1 inch of head space in the jar to allow for expansion.
  4. Put lid on and place on the tray or casserole dish to catch overflow. Leave at room temperature for 7 days then refrigerate. Inspect carefully if mold forms on the top – this is not good…

  Turnip – Do the same as above_DSC8960_DSC9292_DSC9296_DSC9297_DSC9299_DSC9333Crunchy and tangy, they go well with many dishes._DSC9418With barbeque chicken

_DSC9432Or crispy pork curry

Meanwhile in news from home front - Wildly prolific strawberries in our back yard are ripening fast. I think I should call my neighbors to spread the joy._DSC9409I’m supposed to be on a diet so the chocolate mousse I had was in the teeny weeny cup, I made up for it with lots of whipped cream though. The recipe was in the February bon appetite magazine. I used hot chocolate instead of espresso. It was not as good as mine (actually from Marc’s No recipe.com). _DSC9439

Annual ‘Fun in the Park’  was last Saturday and Sunday and was held in one of city’s parks. Right off the bat I saw this banner. Oh Yeah? I’m calling Matsumoto Shaved Ice. But my husband’s attention went to Huge elephant ears – Wow it must be elephanourmas! What?…ah…yup!DSCN2295-2Copper art – I liked the sun flowerDSCN2300-2DSCN2298-2An artist, Ron Sheldon, with his wife. They happened to be friends of a friend. How about that, a few minutes ago we’re total strangers.DSCN2299-2

Machine quilts made by Zewei O’ConnorDSCN2305-2The rooster quilt, with amazing details!. DSCN2306-2

Go Ducks!DSCN2296-2Go Beavers! ….Garden ornaments are neat. Sorry I didn’t catch your name.DSCN2297-2

Recycle with Soifer original, creative and fun creatures DSCN2314-2DSCN2315-2DSCN2316-2There were many other vendors but they decline the pictures. Also present were several authors and poets signing books. Local singers and dancers performed in the event also.DSCN2308-2

This tent housed the city’s middle school and high school student’s art and photographs.DSCN2311-2DSCN2310-2

The corner of the same park has the Korean War Memorial Wall. My husband and I visited the evening of last Memorial Day. DSCN2291-2DSCN2292-2





  1. Your pickles are looking delicious. I enjoy a little pickles with my meals too. :) Oh...you've got some strawberries going on. Wish I'm your neighbor too. hahaha....Thanks you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you Amy. Come on over, there are some more strawberries in our back yard.

  2. Once again I find myself smiling throughout your whole post. I love you.

  3. Your beets and turnip look amazing! I think they would go with any dish in the world... I envy you these lovely strawberries! Nothing tastes better than one's own fruits....
    Actually I am reading now a Japanese book about country cooking and salt-pickled vegetables for several days are among the recipes (they are divided into: quick pickles, overnight pickles and longer-term pickles). Pickling is such a great adventure (even short-term). I love pickling and especially new experiments! I try to prepare some new recipes every year.
    I was used to hundreds of jars in the cellar made by my mum every year and was actually very surprised to learn so many people all around the world are not used to home pickles (or even long-term jam making).

    1. Thank you Sissy! I know pickling is so deep. I'm looking for new recipe now and then.

  4. I'm so intrique with your pickle recipe...I always pickle vegs using vinegar of some sort...but this sounds a good alternative:) Thanks for sharing this...I really appreciate it:)
    Your State seems to be full of artistic/creative people..if we have such gatherings here...It'll definitely be a great excuse to get out of our garden;P

    1. Thank you Annie. I love living here. It's a good community. It's getting quite big though.

  5. 美味しそう!!!いつもデザート、メインディッシュに、こうした手作りのものと、やはりお料理の幅が広いですね。うちの母はメインばかりだったので、メイン以外のものは教えてもらえませんでした。今度これ作ってみます!

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