Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Barbeque Garlic Chicken

_DSC0121Going to Saturday Market is an exciting Summer activity for my husband and me. Especially to Lake Oswego’s Farmers Market, which opened May 18th and run through October 12th. Not as expansive as the Portland Saturday Market but it is much closer and less crowded. We graciously accept vender’s offerings A.K.A. samples.

We found fresh garlic at organic produce stand. The aroma of fresh garlic is alluring even before opening the husk. How about garlicky chicken tonight? My husband agrees. Lucky to have an easy-going husband.IMG_0487

Ingredients and how to for super easy Garlicky Chicken

Necessary equipment: Barbeque grill or Hibachi grill. You could broil it in the oven as well.


  • Chicken thigh is recommended but breast meat works too. Remove bones for easier consumption but not necessary. 1 per person.
  • Garlic 1 clove for each thigh. Grated or minced._DSC0137_DSC0085
  • Sake - depend on how many you’re barbequing but I used 1 Tablespoon for 3 thighs.
  • Soy sauce (read above) 1 Tablespoon
  • Sea salt 1 teaspoon
  • Fresh grind black pepper – a lots
  1. Put chicken thighs in large bowl. Add rest of ingredients and rub well into chicken then let it rest for 15 minutes. Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil if using breast meat.
  2. When the barbeque is hot, start grilling. When the one side has grill marks then flip over to grill the other side. If you have an instant food thermometer, use it to check the temperature. When it reaches 165F, chicken is safe to eat.
  3. Serve with lemon juice._DSC0103_DSC0123_DSC0126

Here are more pictures from Farmer’s Market.

We have to take our dog to the doggy daycare said my husband. Honey, we don’t have a dog. Even the imaginary one?…(sigh)…Go get your Corgi, it’s running away!IMG_0486I couldn’t tell if it’s a good price or not but my husband loves fresh beets.IMG_0473$28 per pound? What is it? Made of gold?IMG_0488

Cheesy tiny three balls for $3. It was good but definitely over priced.IMG_0492After waffling for a bit, we bought cashew butter for $6.IMG_0493Salt and Straw Ice Cream was our last stop. $2.75  for a kid scoop each. Awesome! Great weather for ice cream.IMG_0496

City of Lake Oswego held their annual Festival of Arts last weekend at another park about 10 minutes walk from Millennium Plaza Park (Farmer’s Market).
Magnificent Bronze Art by Kim Chavez. Beary expensive stuff.IMG_0509IMG_0511IMG_0510

Katy Lareau’s glass deco – it’s looks like quilt but made with glass.  IMG_0514IMG_0513IMG_0512

Wildlife photographer Dan Elster’s works are impressive. Really nice fellow too. I bought one of his photos in greeting card format for $4 – that I can afford._DSC0138

Super Market find – Individual sized Haagen Dazs. It come with built-in spoon but clumsy – dig with your own spoon. Sea salt caramel gelato is my fav._DSC0133

I am Smitten by this apple. It is crispy and tart._DSC0128

Our back yard shed –camera setting is to make it look like a miniature. _DSC0090

We had a great weekend…felt too short though.



  1. Love how you accurately write down your recipe for the BBQ chicken...surely this one is a "YUM YUM"!!
    I also love going to market for the festive and chaotic atmosphere, which is fun:) Your market looks very inviting!! Ha! Ha! Next time, you must bring doggy too;P

    1. Thank you so much! Ha ha ha. My husband loves animals especially dog and wishing for one.

  2. I can tell you had such a fun time in the Farmer's Market. It's one of my favorite place to visit too. I love garlic in any savory dishes. Can't wait to try your BBQ garlic chicken! Looks juicy and delicious. :) thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Amy! My husband and I love the simpleness of the recipe and has many variations too.

  3. What a beautiful presentation! I am a garlic addict (hence my love for Korean cuisine too!). It is one of the best seasonings I can imagine for chicken too, so I love your recipe. I must also copy your mizuna "bed" idea ;-)
    I also have this function in my camera but never use it... Your house looks so cute! I must remember to make some miniature photos too.

    1. Thank you Sissi! My husband and I are having good time taking photos using this function, really neat feature - like I'm illustrator or some sort.

  4. Loved this! The picture of your shed is so cute. It's the perfect subject for miniaturizing.

    1. Thank you so much Jalna. Isn't it neat feature to have on camera? Who comes up with that?

  5. I love everything garlicky and the BBQ chicken looks super good :)! I've been MIA for some time from the blogsphere but now I am back again. Still drooling looking at your previous post about pan fried pork dumplings, since I adore soupy dumpling, yum :)!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Glad to hear from you again. I always amazed and enjoy looking at your colorful bento creations. Looks so fantastic!

  6. ガーリックのチキンおいしそうです!!!たまり醤油、ほとんど使ったことがないのですが、ちょうどいい機会だし、一本買ってこれ作ってみます!簡単で美味しいですよね。たまにお酒が見つからないとかいうコメントやメールが来るのですが、酒一つで味が変わるので、見つけられない人に送ってあげたいくらいです。材料さえあれば、本当、日本料理って簡単で美味しいのになぁ。