Tuesday, November 8, 2011

San Francisco Treat

Finding gems in a lovely cityDSC_2026

Me and other 300 food bloggers are probably posting recapture of the FoodBuzz convention last weekend. It was way fun for me too and I have lots to talk about. I forgot that learning is exciting and interacting with other food lovers is delightful plus having good food is always a key ingredient to having a joyful experience. I called my husband 2nd day to announce that I love San Francisco and I would love to live here. He said without skipping a beat “Let’s move, go find a job for me”. Yeah right, I wish life is that easy.DSC_1878DSC_1880DSC_1886DSC_1892DSC_1922DSC_1981DSC_1983DSC_1962

I notice that there are not too many bloggers over 50. I could be a mother to any of them. Wait, my real daughter was with me. She guided me through a sea of food bloggers and whispered in my ear their names or blog names. I am so impressed with her incredible memory. I was very excited to see Marc of norecipe.com. I don’t want to brag but he left a kind comment on my very first blog post 11 months ago. And Ben of youfedababychilli? He is ‘Is this guy for real?” kind of super nice, gentle and very tall fellow. Angie of rice & wheat is so sweet and I liked her the instant I met her. Marla of Family fresh cooking.com has a hilarious personality, I laughed so hard just listening to her talk. Julie of Willow Bird Baking sat with us at the first dinner table and at the farewell breakfast, she was so fun and cute. Sabrina from the tomato tart had a great class, I just love her wit. A young lady from Houston, Ann Liu of Running with chopstix is lovely. I wish she was my 2nd daughter. Then there is Jen from Tiny urban kitchen at Boston- the 2010 project food blog winner. She is really charming and generous, she donated her winning sum of 10,000 dollars to a homeless shelter!

Note; Photos are not very good so I made them small.
My daughter-The Little Foodie

Sabrina, Julie and me

My daughter, her friend from college who lives in San Francisco, Ben, Stella Parks of bravetart.com and I went to an ice cream crawl. We had tasty ice cream at three creameries and my favorite is black sesame ice cream. Stella speaks fluent Japanese and her blog is gorgeous. I’m so glad to get to know her
. DSC_1974DSC_1975
Stella and Ben


With Ben and Angie’s recommendation, my daughter and I dined at Cotogna and Zuni Cafe. Both are excellent. I think because I was wearing black and white outfit, a French gentleman mistook for me a waitress at Zuni. He apologized in French and the only word that I could come up was merci, どこが? DSC_1992
Rabbit dish at Zuni cafe DSC_2009
Gateau Victoire  with whipped cream (Translation; flourless chocolate cake)DSC_2010
Zeppole napoletane with Meyer lemon and lime curd (Translation; donuts )

While walking market street we discovered Minamoto Kitchoan ( 源吉兆庵)the authentic Japanese pastry shop. We were still full of Tasting Pavilion yet we bought a few pretty sweets. DSC_2018

I met so many other nice bloggers. Some of the bloggers are lawyers, doctors, scientists, etc. It reminded me of a book I read in Japan called ’Smart women cook well’. I would nod in agreement. although there are always some exception.

Thank you FoodBuzz staff for your hard work. I’m grateful for the incredible opportunity.
Thank you Beth. You’re awesome!


  1. I love this recap! It was so great to meet you -- you're so fun to hang out with in addition to being a lovely blogger <3

  2. わぁ~楽しそうな写真がいっぱい!私も行ってたら、明美さんに会えたのに、とても残念です。本当にサンフランシスコに引っ越してくれたら嬉しいです。そしたら毎日でも一緒にお茶できるし(笑)。フェスティバルがどんな感じなのか知れて良かったです。次回は是非会いたいです!

  3. This is the first Foodbuzz recap I've seen. I'm so glad you posted. I think you should definitely move to SF and that Mariko and Jake should also move and I have no problems moving there myself, I love that city.

  4. 会えて本当によかった〜!すぐにアイスを食べられないですけど、ハハ。I hope our paths cross again, maybe I'll see you at Foodbuzz next year... :)

  5. I'm so happy I finally got to meet you and Mariko last weekend!! And I agree with Da, i.e. everyone should move to SF!!! :) But until then, come visit again - there are many many more things to eat!

  6. 写真いっぱいですね!


  7. I wish I could have attended too! It shows how much fun you had :)

  8. It was so nice to meet you, Akemi! Hope to you see you again soon.