Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chocolate Story


I loooooove fine chocolate. On my birthday more than a week ago, my husband made Beast’s flourless chocolate cake. He made this before for my grandson – see the recipe here. This rich, dense and somewhat salty, chocolaty treat is definitely near the top spot on my best chocolate chart. My husband and I are very fortunate to have fine chocolate experience and we know one or two things about really good chocolate. This is one of our affordable luxuries.

DSC_1401Oregon’s own Moonstruck chocolate. I love their Mexican Hot Chocolate.

DSC_1403This was one of the pieces in the box above. Just adorable. I don’t know about you but I eat head first.

DSC_1092DSC_1094DSC_1103My husband brought this Royce raw chocolate back from Japan in a special insulated pouch. This is the finest chocolate that I’ve ever tasted. And most expensive.

 DSC_1194Royce’s not raw chocolate, but still good.


DSC_1410Famous Godiva chocolate. I can never pass by their shop without stopping. Actually my favorite from their store is the cookies.

DSC_1443My friend brought these from Hawaii. I am sad that I wasn’t the one doing the bringing.

DSC_1451We use these for the chocolate sauce in the crepes and lots of other things. Best chips ever. It used to be $1.59 a bag and now is over $3.00. Wish I had stocked up.

DSC_1446Bernard unsweetened cocoa powder. Makes a great cup of hot chocolateDSC_1400Lotte Crunky. This is not one of my favorites but the name cracks me up.

DSC_1642For my birthday my friend brought me flowers. Color is gorgeous!

DSC_1639I signed up at a local shopping center and this is some of the things I got on my birthday from them. The cup cake from Sweetest Thing Cupcakes and it’s gluten free. Mrs.Fields chocolate and macadamia nuts cookie. A movie ticket and free valet parking ticket.

DSC_1529 I took half portion cake to October Birthday luncheon at friend's house and it disappeared quickly. I’m grateful for friends who organized that event and thank you darling for your hard work. Beside eating, decorating the cake was fun too. Being old is not so bad after all.


  1. Mmm. You are making me so jealous with that Royce chocolate.
    I almost sent you chocolates for your birthday but I can see you have so much good stuff around you'd have no use for mine. :)

  2. A birthday just isn't a birthday without chocolate-happy birthday! You are lucky to have such heavenly indulgences. Now that the birthday is over-when is the chocolate tasting party?!

  3. It's totally dumb but I can not find good chocolate here and everywhere around me are cacau trees. In fact I live in the cacau region of South America. It all gets exported. Thanks a lot neoliberalism!

    Anyway, happy late birthday. Maybe if you come to Brazil I'll be inspired to make my own chocolate, literally from scratch.

  4. 旦那様、、前から料理の腕前が凄いと思っていましたが

  5. Now I know why I enjoy you so much....You love chocolate as much as I do!!!!

  6. Mariko,I know you love fine chocolate too. It would be great if we could go hunting for great chocolate?

    Tina, You're so cute! I wish you could come over to my place and teach me how to make your wonderful dish or two.

  7. you know what's funny ? I don't like chocolate but love chocolate cake and it's just the opposite with the husband!
    Wish you a belated happy birthday :)

  8. Damaris,Thank you for your comment. We miss you and your beautiful family. I'm bit jealous for your domestic helper, weather, warm ocean. Please write me some more.


    Pam, Thank you for your kindness. I had a great time at the luncheon. I will share the Royce chocolate next time.

  9. Kankana, Thank you. I had a wonderful birthday. I'm craving curry dish after checking your site.

  10. Happy belated birthday. Look like chocolate heaven!

  11. Mother Rimmy, Thank you! I'm craving your meatloaf muffin right now.

  12. I'm in chocolate heaven after visiting your site! How sweet that your husband made your birthday cake.

  13. 明美さん、お誕生日おめでとうございます。お祝いの言葉が遅くなってしまってごめんなさい。私もチョコ好きで困ってます。あったら全部食べなきゃいけない症候群。本当危ないです。ロイズのチョコ、美味しそう!!ご主人のチョコレートケーキ、すばらしいですねー。私ケーキなんてまるで駄目。いつかこんなケーキ作りたい!

  14. なみちゃん、ありがとう。あなたの誕生日ももうすぐね。先日主人が、Twitter のスペル全然違うじゃんと笑われました。 コメントありがとう。