Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer harvests

Green pea rice/豆ごはん

DSC_0625DSC_0576Our small back yard garden is doing well. We harvested green peas twice and made my favorite-green pea rice (which my son dislikes). My husband grew up on a farm so he loves to go out in the garden. He brings out a long hose to water those precious plants although we had automatic dripping system put in but I won’t say anything. This is one way for him to unwind from hectic life as a salary-man (サラリーマン). Still he does not have enough time to do it all, he slides on weeding often to let natural stage of garden come out. He eats as he picks and the neighbor’s cat follows him sometimes for chance of getting a pat on its head. Then he could hear other neighbor’s dog barking over the fence. After all these years of him being out in the garden, the dog should learn his smell by now?

I read an article in Japanese newspaper in June. Someone bought a rare watermelon at an auction for something like $26,000!!! I could not find the article now so that might not be accurate number but even if it’s one 0 off it still sounds so expensive. Blackish green with no stripes and is intensely sweet it’s said (How did they know though?). My number one  question is really who bought it? Followed by Holy cow! Did you put that in the refrigerated vault for safe keeping or did you eat it right away?  Are you the same millionaire who bought a Yubari (夕張) musk melon for $45,000 last year?  Did you hear about somewhere in Africa people are dying of starvation? You could buy lots of foods with the money minus $40 which is the going rate for a good size watermelon in Japan right now. I’m just saying… it’s your money but hey, I’m just saying, you know.

I’ll betcha 10 bucks you can’t tell the difference in a blind taste test.

Fresh green pea rice for 4 peopleDSC_0622

  • 2 rice-cooker cups short grain rice
  • 1 tablespoon sake
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1 teaspoon light soy sauce
  • 1 and 1/2 cup freshly picked green peas shelled.DSC_0551
  1. Wash rice and put it in the rice cooker. Add cold water to just below the recommended water line. Soak for 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. Add sake, salt, soy sauce and green peas. Cook.DSC_0554
  3. Stir to combine rice and peas. Add more salt if the taste is too bland.

If you don’t like mushy peas then you can cook rice and peas (boil in salted water for until desired doneness) separately. Some people put 1 tablespoon of granulated chicken stock powder in the water but I like the simpler flavor, little mushy peas and all. Bring me a sprinkle of happiness. My husband puts teaspoon of butter on it to make a richer taste. DSC_0570Pork miso soup, scallop with cherry sauce and mame gohan




DSC_0609Japanese seedless grapes


DSC_0613Desert King Figs


  1. Your rice looks wonderful. i don't think I can manage to use the chopsticks though. Great photos.

  2. Gorgeous photos, everything looks fantastic! :)

  3. Ah, that looks SOOOO good.
    I can't believe that about fruit prices in Japan. Insane. Can't they donate the money to rebuilding Japan instead?
    Good pictures.

  4. The rice, and the food styl'n fabulous!!! Did you get a new camera? I love the bokeh and macro shots!

  5. Dear jalna, Thank you so much. I'm impressed your photos too. They are beautiful and fun.

  6. Hey there Nin, yes this is me, I have recovered both accounts and just here to confirm that's me = )

  7. Dear Tres Delicious, Thank you for your comment. In honest, it's not easy to eat pea rice with chopsticks ha ha.

  8. Wow, your garden is amazing (I'm jealous!). I'm a first-time visitor... I think I'll be visiting more often! Everything looks yummy!

  9. It's my first time here. I adore your writing, pictures and photography. You seem to do everything from the heart, it's very rare and I love it! This green pea rice looks easy to make, I'm definitely going to try it.

  10. Dear Kelly, Thank you. It was lucky accident!

  11. Akemi-san, oh boy, you have shiso in your garden?! I'm super envious! I should move right next to your house... LOL. Your mame gohan looks yummy! My mom never cooked mame gohan so I never grew up with this. I love your simple and delicious dinner... very comforting image to me and miss home. And your miso soup (even it's not featured here) make me want to cook tonjiru again. =)

  12. Dear Elle Marie, Thank you! Like I'm saying to Kelly, I got lucky. No new camera but I'm thinking about buying macro lens for my Nikon.

    Dear hiragana mama, What a fun site you have. I'm glad to know another Japanese food blogger.

    Dear Foodiva, Thanks for your comment. I love your blog too.

    Dear Nami chan, 先日のまき寿司最高に美味しそうでした。料理の勉強になります。