Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Follower of good foodIMG_5234

While waiting for our ride at the airport, I turned up my shirt collar to shield me from the cool air. Returning from the midst of volatile weather in Japan, Portland seemed very calm and already showing the face of Autumn. IMG_5366
This is a PDX tradition photo

Since then I haven’t been cooking much…the first day back I fixed the instant ramen noodle below. I like the texture of the noodle and love salt ramen. I had to ask my son to order it on-line (10 packages for 1800 yen). The proceeds goes to the Maruyama Zoo of Sapporo, Japan. Neat, right?IMG_5423

The following day, I cooked the pricey ‘Yumepirika’(ゆめぴりか) rice. I could buy more but it weighed a ton. I recommend it to people who love white rice.IMG_5370Topped with ready made Strawberry Curry…Tochigi prefecture is famous for ‘Tochiotome’(とちおとめ) brand strawberry…I love strawberry but perhaps not in curry…too sweet for my liking but interesting.IMG_5367

We overindulged in sweets and baked goods…velvety smooth vanilla pudding for instance. IMG_5275

Everybody loves strawberry shortcake!?

This idea is cute though… I don’t really care for the combination – croissant taiyaki with sweet azuki bean filling (the custard filling is better I think).IMG_5295

We had a three course lunch at iconic NIkko Kanaya Hotel (日光金谷ホテル)  elegantly presented, mango ice cream for dessert…amazing!IMG_5320

Typhoon #18 brought so much rain and it caused flooding in many places. This is Nikko Station before the major rain fell…we feel sorry for those lost lives…IMG_5296We rode a bus north of Nikko to Kinugawa Hot Spring Resort (鬼怒川温泉) as the trains were not running because of the typhoon.001Kinugawa means Angry Ogre River..it’s just like it’s name. The usually clear Kinu River turned into a muddy stream because of the excessive rain. Our hotel was just downstream and we were safe but this neighboring hotel’s structure was partially destroyed, fortunately no one got hurt. D51EE52E-017C-422D-A8D1-3A94E793BFC0


My husband took this video of Kegon Waterfall/華厳の滝 in Nikko. The winds were so strong that it blew the water clear away from the usual course.

Soft serve ice cream cost nearly $5 each at Payard in Ikebukuro, before heading to the airport.IMG_5357

The highlight of our trip…Our grandchildren are all beautiful (biased? just a little) including the latest one. My husband and I instantly fell in love with him. IMG_0051

My husband in particular melted under his spell.IMG_5248

We had a hard time saying goodbye.


  1. So nice to see your post!!! Your photos are lovely, and aren't children great? I saw your video, wow! That was some intense wind.

  2. Great to see you update the life...those strawberry treats are amazing. Your grandson looks so cute.

  3. お帰りなさい。そして可愛いお孫さんの誕生おめでとうございます。

  4. I love your photos . . . food looks great . . . Nikko looked very wet. Your husband's video showing the waterfall flying upwards is amazing. And your grandson . . . sooo kawaiiiiii!!!!!

  5. Look at the hair he already has...I heard asian babies are born with lots of hair and he proves it.

  6. こんばんは。 日本にいらしてたのですか、全然知りませんでした。 お会いしたかったです。
     台風に出くわして大変でしたね。 お孫さんの笑顔は何よりの癒しですね。

  7. こんばんは。 日本にいらしてたのですか、全然知りませんでした。 お会いしたかったです。
     台風に出くわして大変でしたね。 お孫さんの笑顔は何よりの癒しですね。

  8. Another beautiful grandbaby...you are so blessed:) Congratulations and more blessings to your family!

  9. ご主人がお孫さんにイチコロなのはわかります。ほんと、なんて可愛いんでしょう。おめめパッチリ大きいです。蛙足もこの時期ならではの魅力ですね。


  10. All that flooding in Japan really had my mother especially worried. I'm glad you were safe. You sure had some delicious looking food. And oh yes! That grand baby of yours would melt anybody's heart.

  11. It seems you have had wonderful holidays! And full of delicious discoveries shared with your loved ones. What can be better in life?
    I have heard about floods... It sounded really scary...