Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Yuzu Flavored Spare Ribs_DSC2383

I’m baaaack! I hope you all had wonderful holidays. I took such a long break from blogging that returning to the routine is .. like getting out of warm, cozy bed in a still dark, chilly winter morning…wishing to go back in…wait, that was this morning! And the fear that no one missed me is such a depressing thought, right?

The blogging is to me self-discovery with every post. As if I’m hiking up on a winding trail. The end of the journey seems to be around the corner yet I can’t see the finish line because of the curvature of the road… obstructed by bushes and trees. 

Often I am so caught up on making Tuesday’s deadline that I forget how to enjoy the journey itself, the wind in my face, the scent of pine and wild flowers, the sunlight shining through the tall trees…. and sound of music in my head… when I’m feeling sadsnowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes, silver white winters that melt into spring. These are a few of my favorite things…ok enough Maria. Anyway, I must stay on course until I find the cure I mean whatever makes me smile and then I don’t feel so bad.

Spare ribs have big bones but not much meat. Meat tends to be tough and chewy..no wonder cheaper than other type of ribs however this recipe is diet friendly. Low fat and also sugar free. I decidedly need to un-found my extra pounds acquired over the holiday. Uniquely flavored with Yuzu the Japanese original citron fruits infused pepper, these spare ribs are interestingly addicting._DSC2354


Ingredients and instructions for 4 to 6 servings (Print recipe here)

Equipment: pressure cooker if you have, not necessary but meat will be much tenderer. For stove top method- large skillet with fitting lid.

  • Ribs with bone in – 3-4 pounds ask butcher to separate and cut in half to fit in your large skillet
  • Vegetable oil 1Tablespoon
  • White cooking wine or sake  3-4 Tablespoons
  • 1 Ginger root about size of your thumb; peel and slice thin
  • Yuzu (citron) Pepper paste 2-3 Tablespoons or more_DSC2375
  • Bay leaf 2-3
  • Soy sauce or ponzu sauce (optional)
  1. Heat vegetable oil in a pressure cooker pan or large skillet at medium heat. Brown the meat about 2 minutes.
  2. Pour in the wine, add ginger, bay leaves then put lid on. Cook for 20 to 40 minutes on low pressure. If you’re using skillet, cover with lid, steam cook on lowest heat setting for about 40 minutes
  3. Cool down the meat until it is safe to touch. Rub entire rib with Yuzu Pepper paste.
  4. Line a rimmed cookie sheet with foil and place wire rack on top. Lay the ribs meat side up. Broil in oven for 1-2 minutes or directly on barbeque, grill for 1-2 minutes until nicely charred on the edges. Serve with soy sauce or ponzu sauce as dipping if you like. You may sprinkle some salt to taste, and lots of napkins._DSC2377

Skiing on Christmas Day at Mt. Hood.It has been a long time last we skied. It still fit…my ski pants that is.IMG_0698IMG_0693

Historical Timberline LodgeIMG_0773Inside of Timberline Lodge. IMG_0775

Contrail…neat huh? Looks like Spiderman flinging a web.IMG_0790I think this is Mt. Bachelor – an another great ski resort - but not sure. IMG_0788

We passed this truck in our neighborhood. How neat is that!IMG_0739

Rush to deliver two sheet cakes I made in a rain storm for a simple church wedding last Saturday. Raspberry Almond cake and Chocolate Mousse cake.


Bride and Groom are from Hawaii’s big island. They are lovely and tall! Quick! bring me a stool to stand on!IMG_0810

Natto lover’s dream(?) Christmas gift. Sooo Hamlet…y! _DSC2398

And this amazing looking wooden bowl was created by my son in law. Sorry the pic is not so great but believe me it is beautiful! Many other stunning pieces available for purchase through his web site._DSC2401


  1. That shirt was made by the lovely Shar. Her shirts/bags/towels are so cute. Glad you liked the bowl too.
    I wish you had made MY wedding cake!

    1. Thank you Mariko. I hope you had a great Christmas vacation. I would like to hear more about it when we get together.

  2. looks delicious and your trip looks fun

    1. Thank you Rebecca. We had a fun trip. If the snow is better we like to go again but too warm for skiing.

  3. You're back \o/ . Glad you did had a great time...despite us missing you for a while. The Tee-shirt is so cute...the wooden bowl is even better...you're blessed and so loved by many!!

  4. I can see that you had a wonderful holiday. Love all those pictures that you posted.

    1. Thank you! I needed the time off but I'm glad to be back too.

  5. Amazing! Thank you for coming back.

  6. Yay!! Missed you! Great post . . . ribs look so yummy. I love that "Print Recipe Here" link . . . it's so cool. The t-shirt made by Shar is cuuuuute!!!

    1. Thank you so much Jalna. I just stopped by your blog and my eyes are puffy from crying.

  7. 美味しそう!この柚子胡椒もってます。色々ディップしたりして食べてます。素敵なロッジですね~。明美さんのスキー姿もかっこいい!私はぎっくり腰をしていらい、腰が心配で(あと年のせいもあって、体が硬い!)、スポーツ苦手になってしまいました。やってもハイキングとか位。お恥ずかしい!これ作ってみたいです。レシピありがとう!

    1. ありがとう、なみちゃん。実はスキーはへたっぺです。でも大好き!もっとうまくなりたいと思うけど、運動神経がねえ、、、。なみちゃん、ブログ3年目おめでとう!ずいぶん成長したね、エライぞ!

  8. Wow, you always pack so much into each post! So many lovely photos... thanks for sharing them with us. It's nice to see you back - I hope you had a lovely break. I've never been skiing. I think I'd be terrible at it, since I have no balance, but I'd love to at least try "Swedish"-style skiing, i.e. cross-country "walking" with skis on your feet.

    The cakes look wonderful too, and that truck!!! Haha, I bet that's draining his battery like crazy, or was it hooked up to an external power source?

    1. Hi Charles! Great hear from you. I love skiing but I' not that good, sadly. I enjoyed your snow scape photos, what a beauty!
      I don't know how the truck was lighting but it was really pretty! It was for someone who is sick to cheer up or something I thought.
      Thank you for your comment. Good luck with studying.

  9. It seems most of us took a break... I also slowed down with blogging during holidays, so I understand how coming back might to the usual routine be difficult. You must have had wonderful holidays judging by the pictures!
    Spare ribs are among my favourite pork cuts. I often simmer them Chinese way with cinnamon and star anise and soy sauce, then the sauce thickens, they become sticky and irresistible. Your spare ribs sound so unusual! I love yuzu too, so I'm sure I'd love this creative way to prepare them; Do you use here yuzu koshou?

  10. So many of my favorite snacks in one bite.

  11. Hi
    I am glad you have such a wonderful Christmas. Thanks for coming back.

    The ribs look delicious. I love ribs but never try them this way. Yuzu pepper sounds great!