Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Travel, Restaurant experience

DSCN1447‘You do?’ my husband questioned back to my question of ‘Would you like to go to Disneyland for Christmas break?’ Nah… ‘Of course I do - do you think I’m just throwing random questions at you just for the fun of it?’ – I mumbled. That was the first of many hints I start scattering in the early parts of last November. He has this CH condition (Crowd Hater) for some time and he tries to avoid them as much as possible. His simple yet solid formula - Disneyland equal lots of people multiplied by Christmas means lots and lots of people. Nonsense! Trust me. It won’t be that bad.DSCN1426DSCN1452DSCN1441

Ay yai yai! I was so wrong on that assumption but my good husband didn’t participate in any ‘I told you so’ dialogue.  Ha ha ha, who said that I’m perfect? Honestly, aren’t you supposedly opening your presents AT HOME? I told that to total strangers all around us with my silenced voice but my husband heard loud and clear me saying it in Japanese


Although very crowded on Christmas Day, it was spectacular with parade and fireworks followed by powdery snow made by machine. It was magical!!! I think to myself, What a wonderful world. Color of the rainbows pretty in the …wait, why were there more people here on Thursday after Christmas? Who wants to wait 200 minutes for a 2 minute ride. We mostly did people watching on that day and look for souvenirs for my grand kids…What the heck is with this astronomical pricing! This unfortunately I said in English. The magical Kingdom has no recession whatsoever.IMG_0281Our favorite attractions here in Disneyland are Space Mountain, Captain EO, Prates of the Caribbean, Star Tours.

DSCN1469My husband rode the California Screaming roller coaster at California Adventure Park. Here he was perfecting his scream before the start of the run. DSCN1465Honey? I can’t hear you. Scream louder!
We saw a mini version of Aladdin the musical. Genie was hilarious with current humor, even danced Gangnam Style. We’ve never had a friend like him.DSCN1479DSCN1480DSCN1495IMG_0289’Cars’ ride. Most everybody were taking the picture of ride photo using iPhone instead of purchasing it, this saved us a few bucks.DSCN1490DSCN1537Mickey’s Fun WheelDSCN1517IMG_0294DSCN1511World of Color show was fantastic! DSCN1449Our other favorite rides here were Soarin’ Over California, Toy Story Midway Mania and The Bakery Tour also was interesting

We dined in a 4 star restaurant found on “Open Table”. Marche Moderne was on the third floor of a very upscale-mall. It was amazing! A female server was awesome too. DSCN1560DSCN1562DSCN1563DSCN1565DSCN1570Lovely beet salad.


DSCN1419Near our hotel. The cross of mega church looked like it was suspended in the air.

We tried Umami Burger in Anaheim. Delicious! DSCN1587DSCN1581DSCN1589

We saw this street sign on the way to Huntington Beach. Let’s have a lunch at the Burger King at MacDonald street. Yeah let’s!DSCN1590DSCN1595DSCN1602DSCN1594

California! Here I am.DSCN1597

Hello Ocean!…bit cold reception.DSCN1612DSCN1614

Our main reason to come to Huntington Beach is this macarons at Baguetier Bakery. Very Very good!DSCN1616DSCN1615While I was trying to decide which flavor, Cos Play girls popped in. Adorable and unique.DSCN1619DSCN1623DSCN1618DSCN1622DSCN1624
Raspberry tiramisu.


I always feel some let down when you know the time comes to the end of a fabulous trip. Let’s do it again next Christmas!? Let’s ‘Not’ said my husband.DSCN1631

A few days later my son came home from his Japan trip too. Yumm..Tokyo Banana! I’m so not get on the scale for a few weeks.DSCN1632


  1. Love Disneyland but Kurk is a better sport than my husband would be. Oh well, I felt I got to go there through your pictures. I had fun! :-)
    Thanks. Those macaroons looked wonderful but I'm glad you put on the pounds and not me. You're so tiny that nobody will notice. Nice 1st blod for 2013!

    1. Thank you for your comment. We really had a great time. Would you like to go with us next time?

  2. あけましておめでとうございます

    (ちびちゃん連れで 笑)
    寒くて寒くて・・・ 腰に直ぐ来てしまいました。

    1. I love Disneyland! I could go there again and again... but my husband thinks differently. Thank you so much for your comment.

  3. 前回ディズニーランドに行ったのは子供が産まれていなかった時。LAは東京のと似てるから、なんかあの混雑を考えると、結構面倒で気が引けてます(かわいそうな子供たち)。今年は行くかなー。しかし、クリスマスかなり混むと言われてるのに、すごいですね、行っちゃうなんて~!でも楽しそうで羨ましいです。お料理もマカロンも美味しそう!同じカリフォルニアでも北は寒いので、やっぱりLAのビーチに行きたいなぁー。今回も楽しいポストをありがとう!

    1. Thank you Nami chan. We had a really fun time. You should go there with your children. They will love it!

  4. Everything looks so fun and tasty. I want to go travel to Disneyland with you guys. Next time.