Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Travel, Foods and People

Cramped in the seats for more than 7 hours, my husband and I had travel to Florida, the Sunshine State. Last time we were here in Orlando was when our children were in grade school. I remember intense heat, afternoon pouring rain followed by uncomfortable humidity and nearly an hour wait on every ride at Disney World, all strong indications that we went at the wrong time of year. Weather related cancelled flight on the way back forced us to stay in Chicago without our luggage. Luckily the ticketing agent gave us taxi and hotel vouchers so we don’t have to sleep in the airport. Next day, we came home as is- rugged, messy hair, same clothing. For me especially embarrassing-no make up and wrinkled shirt. I hope our children remember only the good times.P1020849Near Orlando Airport

I just went along with my husband’s business trip to Kissimmee Florida this time. A good excuse to have a break from the norm. By the time we finally reached the Gaylord Palms Resort past 8 in the evening, the hotel was illuminated in lights and my heart beamed with excitement. The check-in clerk Kevin gave us a spacious suite room of over 1000 square feet. Suite (Sweet)!P1020998I don’t have night shot of the exterior of the hotel. It looks like king Kamehameha’s palace rather than a hotel.

P1020854Living room

P1020855Vanity area

P1020862No bath tub but has a roomy shower and toilet in here.

.P1020856Hall way to the bedroom and closet on the left.

P1020858Bed room

P1020859Bed room

P1020973Desk area

Hotel lobby is enormous.P1020864P1020931P1020899P1020930

Ship restaurant ‘’Sunset Sam’s” inside the hotel.


Family pool with slides

P1020946P1020948P1020943Adult only pool.This is not me swimming but I did swim from one end to the other-it was exhausting!

P1020988This is used for wedding receptions or whatever…Romantic setting.


The week we stayed was a Shrek theme.P1020978P1020876P1020882P1020880P1020938

We took a walk outside the hotel and saw these two kinds of mushrooms. Looks delicious.P1020906P1020908

I went to Downtown Disney with a couple of ladies that I met at the conference center while our husbands were taking classes. A fellow Oregonian (standing) and Utahan. They are lovely! I enjoyed their company. At the Rainforest Café.P1020917P1020920

To infinity and beyond!P1020926P1020915P1020939My husband was delighted to have a conversation with Japanese businessmen during 2nd day of conference reception at hotel’s court yard. More than 1000 people attended Information Builders Summit.

Universal Studio’s newest attraction – Harry Potter.P1020952P1020951P1020949P1020966P1020958

We dined at a small Japanese restaurant, Sushi En
P1020986Vinegared baby octopus is the size of a quarter. Too cute to eat? No, I ate all. I give high points for super nice and friendly servers.P1020981P1020982P1020984

Two airports

Newark, New Jersey


                                                              I think they were in cupcake wars?

P1020841P1020842P1020843Is James Dean from New Jersey?P1020847Cool looking monorail.

Charlotte, North Carolina

P1020999P1030011P1030007P1030004It wasn’t the most comfortable chair, but it was a cute idea.

P1030013P1030016P1030014The gelato was not bad and 93% fat free! That make me feel less guilty…just a little bit.

I took 11 DVDs of a Korean Drama. During the stay I watched it twice. So on the way home I started read “The Hunger Games”. As an English-as-a-second language person it required quite bit of concentration to read it and gave me slight headache. But it was a good read.


  1. You watched it TWICE?! How?!
    Looks like you had fun. Did you realize your hotel room has more square feet than my whole house?
    Ha ha. Awesome.

    1. Second time I skipped some scenes so it went fast! Have a fun in Disney Land. Can't wait to see you guys.

  2. Thanks for taking me along on the trip (by pictures). Looks like you had a really nice time. As usual, you and your camera always make the food look so delicious!! Thanks

    1. Leanne, Thank you for your kind comment. You're awesome!

  3. Thanks for sharing! Felt like I was there!

    1. Thank you Jalna. You're so sweet. I enjoy visiting your blog. Makes me laugh and happy!

  4. Looks like you captured every single bit of the trip! FUN :)

    1. I appreciate your comment. I took so many pictures of the trip. It was hard to choose.

  5. 羨ましい~!!!!このリンク、主人に送ります・・・ひひひ。ファミリープール、楽しそう!子供達喜びそうだ。娘がもう少し大きくなってから行こうって言ってるんですけど(今だと背が低すぎて、ほとんどの乗り物に乗れないから)、こういう楽しそうな写真見ると、行きたくなりますね(笑)。シェアしてくださってありがとう!

    1. ありがとう、なみちゃん。とても楽しかったです。ホテルからはいろんなアトラクションに近いので、ここはお薦めですよ。前に泊まったメリアットホテルもいいです。来年は日本に帰りたいなあ。なみちゃんのブログ見てそう思いました。