Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Mille Village’s Tomato breadDSC_4810

At 7:00 in the evening, I decided to make this tomato bread featured in the February issue of Lettuce Club – a Japanese magazine. I looked through the pantry and found all the ingredients except one very key ingredient- a can of tomatoes. I have sun dried tomatoes but not a can of tomatoes? How weird is that. I quickly assessed my situation- I was in my grubby clothes and no make-up. My hair is un-brushed but is in a tight pony tail since the morning. I can’t go to the store looking like that! I looked like an obasan-middle aged woman…wait I am middle aged woman dah! I called my husband, who is out doing something for our church, to swing by the store. My husband goes ‘Just drive by? That’s it?’ Yes I’m checking to see I can still order you around, I didn’t say that but I could have. He is sooo technical isn’t he?

Mille Village Bakery is in Osaka, Japan. Their vegetable bread is very popular among health conscious customers. The store offers bread making class twice a month too. The recipe is easy, the store does not use can tomatoes but fresh ones. The magazine recipe is a simplified version of their recipe. Put everything in bread making machine and wait for… 3 hours and half! Oh no! By the time it’s done is like 11 O’clock? I don’t eat past 9:00 PM for diet reasons. Spontaneously doing something has a down side.

Ingredients for (small) tomato breadDSC_4801

  • Diced tomatoes 210g Juice included.
  • Sun dried tomatoes 20g Cut in small pieces but not minced.
  • Bread flour 250g*
  • Dry yeast 4g
  • Salt 2g
  • Olive oil 5 g
  • Dried basil-some

*60g of  Rye flour can be used for part of flour.


In the bread machine, mound up the flour in the middle. Put salt , olive oil, dried tomato and basil on the side and pour diced tomato around flour. Make a small well on the top of flour mound and put yeast in (you do this to prevent salt and liquid from touching yeast directory). Push button.DSC_4805

Bread comes out soft and the color is fantastic! Olive oil and balsamic vinegar goes great with this bread. Cheese is good too. I will double this recipe next time.DSC_4807Taking pictures under artificial lighting is not flattering.DSC_4812DSC_4813Oh-kay I should have focused on the bread.

DSC_4869I love petunia.

DSC_4879Asian pear trees

DSC_4886Strawberries gone wild

DSC_4883Pig… I mean fig in the sky.

DSC_4873Bumble bees are making so much noise as they work.


  1. You crack me up Akemi. I just love reading your blogs because not only do they make me laugh but they make my mouth water for things I have never even tried. Thanks

    1. Leanne, Thank you for your kind comment. I really would like you to come over to see our new kitchen.

  2. へー美味しそう!実は古いけどbread makerもってるので、これ作ってみます!ご主人頼もしい(笑)!

    1. ありがとう! 日本旅行の写真を見てとても楽しかったです。 子供たちが、お仕事をしてお金をもらえるという企画が大変興味深かったです。 みたらし団子食べたいなあ。もうすぐ夜11時なのに、、、、。